The South Devon Salon of International Photography 2017

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We were very lucky this year to obtain the services of 5 selectors who have been with us before.  Their knowledge of our systems makes selection a much easier process and more enjoyable.


Adrian & Bob







Linda, Rusty,

& Barbie


Adrian Langdon ARPS, DPAGB selected Nature.  Adrian is involved with the International Federation of Wildlife Photography.  Recent travels include India, The Gambia and Costa Rica.

Bob (Robert) Pearson FRPS, EFIAP, DPAGB also selected Nature.  He is a keen Travel and Wildlife photographer, and has worked on the selection panel for RPS travel photography.

Linda Wevill FRPS, EFIAP/b, MPAGB selected Open and Creative.  Linda’s varied work has been published many times in newspapers and magazines and on greetings cards.

Rusty (Russell) Lindsay EFIAP, MPAGB, FBPE selected Open and Creative.  Rusty is a digital editing professional and specialises in composites.  Very prolific and varied with humour!

Barbie Lindsay EFIAP/s, MPAGB, FBPE selected all 4 sections.  Barbie is a photographic obsessive whose life revolves around pictures.  Hugely prolific and talented.