A Tribute to Rowland White

Published 21st June 2023

A Tribute to Rowland White
Rowland White (right) pictured with Colin Bratcher (left) in 2009. Both are now, sadly, deceased

Some of our longer-standing members will have fond memories of founder member Roland White, who sadly passed away recently. He will be remembered not only for being there in 1942 when the club was first formed, but for his warm and generous nature.

Current President of NAPC, Chris Brown, said, “Rowland was very kind to me on several occasions. I first joined the Club, around 1991, just before there was to be an inter-club competition on the subject of STEAM. Rowland very kindly scanned two of my slides, processed the results, then printed and mounted the resultant photographs for me. As a new member I had no real idea what was going on and I don’t know how my two images fared, but I was extremely grateful to Rowland for his encouragement and for helping me feel part of the club I had joined. I still have and treasure the two prints today.”

Pete Browning, Treasurer, commented, “Although I have not seen Roland for some time, I remember him as a warm and friendly person and an excellent photographer.”

Past president and very long-term member of the club, Alan Boothman, had this to say. “Rowland goes back as long as any member I have known since joining the club and was always a great source of historical information about NAPC.  He was also a keen AV creator and influenced my own involvement in this aspect of the hobby.”

Christina Burton, NAPC club member, added, I too have fond memories of Rowland. He was always willing to share his knowledge and was very welcoming when I first joined the club.”

One NAPC member who knew Rowland on a more personal level is retired headteacher Gordon Aspland: “I have known Roland since I joined the club in 1985. But I also knew him as a grandfather as his daughter’s children went to my school. I got to know the family very well.  Roland was very welcoming to me when I joined the club and was an inspiration to my photography. But I best remember him as an exceptionally fine judge, always being very helpful to struggling photographers. He was always asked to give a vote of thanks after a speaker because he had a lovely way with words. A very gentle, articulate man who will be missed.” 

Rest in peace, Rowland White.

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